January 25, 2016



YES- TZ is a youth lead and youth focused organization, our primary target is young people aged 10-24 years from all walks of their lives. We also secondarily target those aged 25-35 as older young people.  We work with in school and out of school youth from both rural and urban areas.

Yet young people in Tanzania face many challenges ranging from teenage pregnancies, forced marriages HIV and STIs infections, exclusion from various decisions that affect them and unemployment challenges. Through our flagship activity (providing SRHR education) YES TZ aims to see that Tanzania benefits from demographic dividend. Through SRHR there will be fewer unintended pregnancies, better spacing of children and reduction in sexually transmitted infections including HIV.

YES TZ understands our significance role in the society and our potentials. That’s why we focus on us.

Our expertise

YES TZ boosts itself of its dedicated staff and volunteer peer educators. YES TZ has a strong record of contributing to improved health and well being of adolescents and youth.

Our expertise has been accumulated for more than 10 years of working with and for young people, working with the government, and gate keepers.  YES TZ places young people at the center in everything we do.